Computers for Girls: Pakistan

Computers for Girls: Pakistan

We are finalizing our 3rd container shipment to schools in Pakistan. Yet this shipment is special - it will begin the 6th country in our Computers for Girls initiative that targets schools committed to creating a supportive educational environment for girls to learn and have access to the computers.  A generous Sponsor donated funds so that the match that the schools pay for our sourcing and shipping the computers is substantially reduced. 

We are now in the process of recruiting among the 56 groups in Pakistan that we have heard interest from over the years.

WCE is working with iEARN-Pakistan which provides teacher training in the educational use of the internet.  iEARN-Pakistan is preparing to train teachers from schools participating in this shipment in the use of Ubuntu. We also will involve them in the multi-country online student learning project to increase access to computers for girls.

WCE has strong ties with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers that has a franchise in Pakistan that we are asking for help with training for the recipients as they have in other countries.

World Computer Exchange has previously shipped 400 computers connecting 6,400 youth in 32 schools in Pakistan.