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At the World Computer Exchange, we know our organization depends on its team members. Today, we shine a spotlight on Suzanne Grant Lewis. Suzanne’s remarkable journey, and extensive experience in the world of international education have made her an important contributor to our organization.

Her experience spans various prestigious institutions: Stanford University for her PhD and Assistant Professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, where she co-designed a master’s degree program in International Education Policy. Her dedication to equitable education in the developing world has led to multiple publications.This academic foundation has not only equipped her with the necessary expertise, but has also instilled a passion for research and teaching that has been evident throughout her illustrious career. Sue’s educational background is a shining example of how a strong academic foundation can be a driving force for transformative change and innovation in the field of education.

Sue is well versed in the world of nonprofits, having spent her whole career working in educational non profit organizations. Before WCE, she worked in UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning, seven years as its first female Director. Her experience and achievements during this period enriched her ability to lead and contribute to World Computer Exchange.

Sue’s connection to WCE goes back to her time at Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she met Tim Anderson, our founder. A decade before, Sue completed her dissertation on the role of PC’s (then called microcomputers) in Tanzanian development. Tim thought that with her background she would be interested in the nonprofit he was starting. When asked about this Sue recalls, “It was difficult to say no to Timothy, he was extremely passionate about reducing the digital divide among children worldwide by expanding sustainable access to technology.” Encouraged by his vision for World Computer Exchange, she initially joined WCE’s International Advisory Committee. Suzanne learned that WCE understands that progress is not about delivering international development to others but empowering local communities to bridge the digital gap.

Sue officially joined the World Computer Exchange Board in February 2020 becoming the Board Chair two years later. She was renewed for a second three-year term in February 2023.

Sue sees the local participation of WCE chapters as a key strength. These groups allow volunteers to truly be a part of the experience. In her words, “They provide community-driven and sustainable solutions.” As part of the refurbishment process, WCE installs educational software in each computer that is shipped overseas. It is a crucial asset to have a member of our board with such an extensive background in education. Sue has brought a fresh perspective to the board, reinforcing our commitment to expanding access to quality learning for children and youth through technology.

When asked about the challenges WCE has faced, Sue was quick to commend the organization for its leadership transition following the passing of Tim. She is also proud of the increased board member engagement and

As she says, “This is no small achievement for a nonprofit.” Sue and her fellow board members, despite having other responsibilities, continue to devote their time and energy to WCE’s cause.

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