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“World Computer Exchange has allowed me to develop my leadership skills and meet new people while allowing me to help reduce the educational barriers underrepresented students around the world face.”

In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, we are delighted to introduce you to someone who plays a vital role in our mission to bridge the digital divide. This young leader has been instrumental in driving our efforts to provide underprivileged students around the world with access to technology and educational opportunities.

A Passion for Computer Science and Engineering

Sai Shettar is a senior at Spring-Ford High School with a deep passion for computer science and engineering. His journey with the World Computer Exchange began when he stumbled upon our organization online. Intrigued by our mission, he decided to reach out to Pam, President of WCE. “He was looking for a way to use his interests to better his community.”

However, at that time, there was no active WCE chapter in Philadelphia. Sai’s determination and commitment was unwavering, and he didn’t let this obstacle deter him. As luck would have it, Pam’s brother resided in the Philadelphia area and had previously worked with WCE on their first computer projects. Sai teamed up with him, and together, they laid the foundation for the WCE Philadelphia chapter.

Collecting Donations, Refurbishing Computers, and Sending Hope

Sai’s chapter operates by collecting computer donations from generous individuals in the local community. These donated computers are then meticulously refurbished to ensure they are in excellent working condition. The refurbished computers are sent to the WCE headquarters in Boston, where they are loaded with educational software and prepared for distribution to underprivileged students worldwide.

Currently, the WCE Philadelphia chapter boasts an impressive group of 20 dedicated club members. These students come from various schools in the area, reflecting the diverse community that WCE serves. Additionally, they have volunteers of all ages who passionately contribute to the cause.

Weekend Warriors for Education

The WCE Philadelphia chapter meets on Saturdays which typically span around 4 to 5 hours. During these sessions, the team refurbishes between 20 to 30 computers. It takes them roughly 20 minutes to transform each computer into a valuable educational tool. Sai and his team’s dedication is truly commendable, as some members even travel far distances from other WCE chapters.

Looking Ahead

Sai Shettar has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and a strong commitment to the World Computer Exchange cause. When I asked him how he plans to continue his involvement in WCE, he told me “he hopes to help high school students coordinate their local chapters.” As we are looking forward to expanding local volunteer chapters in the states, he will be a vital asset.

Sai’s story is a testament to the incredible impact that young leaders can have when they are determined to make a difference. We are immensely proud to have Sai Shettar as a part of the WCE family, and we look forward to witnessing his continued success in our organization.

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