How do I apply for computers?

If your organization is in a developing country and would like fewer than 100 computers, please fill out this form:


If your organization would like more than 100 computers, please fill out this form:

How many computers can I order?

We will ship an organization in a developing country any quantity they need. To reduce shipping costs, we try to ship in containers that hold either 350 or 700 desktop computers. If that’s more than you need, we can ship you a pallet or you can share the computers and shipping costs of a pallet or container with other Partners we recruit from your country.

How much does it cost?

Get the Cost Summary Sheet (English)

We request a non-refundable down-payment deposit of $5 per computer requested up to a maximum of $250.

We offer a 10% discount for refurbished computers and preloaded content packs when a letter of commitment is provided from an iEARN Country Coordinator, Peace Corps Volunteer, a Rotary Club, or if you have a teacher who leads an after-school Inspire Girls club ($500 max per teacher).

Sponsors: Under certain conditions, partner organizations requesting a full container can qualify for our sponsor campaign in which the partner pays 2/3rds and WCE volunteers will recruit sponsors to donate the last 1/3 within four months.

What do I get?

Partners receive low-cost desktop and laptop computers loaded with educational content and free peripherals and network gear. For more information about our educational content pack, please refer to the documents (pdf files) below:

In addition, our global Development Officers provide free online capacity building training to help partner organizations develop skills in: technology planning, network and computer trouble-shooting, fundraising, social media, educational use of Internet, organizational development, e-waste solutions, and development of Inspire Girls teacher resources.

What are my responsibilities as a Partner?

  1. Consignee is responsible for any demurrage, customs, and costs related to clearance from the port.
  2. Consignee arranges for a space to set voltage toggle switch on the computers to the correct voltage, adapt the wall plugs and repair computers as needed (budget & plan on 5% needing repair).
  3. Recipient sites pick up, install, connect & maintain these computers.
  4. Recipient sites see that these computers are used most of the time by youth at low cost.
  5. Recipient sites connect these computers to the internet as much as possible – usually we include a ping on each computer so we will know once a month if it is connecting to the internet.
  6. Recipient sites monitor & report to WCE annually on the computers’ status, use & impact.
  7. Recipient sites agree to be responsible for final disposal of the toxins in these computers.

Can I get a computer if I’m in the USA?

Unfortunately, we do not ship individual computers or to groups in the USA.

If you are an individual in the USA, we suggest you seek a computer locally using the following sources:

NOTE: We do not ship individual computers anywhere, nor do we ship to groups in the USA.


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