Tanzanian students using computers at their school desks

Businesses & Large Quantity Donations

Your company’s surplus computers will help youth around the world get connected.

Less than 100 Pounds

We offer special services for businesses and individuals with large quantities of computers, phones, or other reusable electronics. Pickups can be arranged for nearly any location in the continental U.S. If there are many items, with high reuse value, the pickup will often be free.

If the total weight of all devices is less than 100 pounds the items can be packaged and shipped via UPS. We can provide a shipping label and schedule UPS to do the pickup. You will need to package the devices in a box with padding.

Over 100 pounds

If the total weight is over 100 pounds the devices can be picked up and shipped via a national freight service. You will need to box and palletize the equipment. If you are unable to palletize the devices, onsite support can be provided for a fee.

Freight pickups require a location with a loading dock or enough parking space for a large 24′ box truck.

Business Donations