Help us bridge the digital divide
by donating your used computer.

Your computer donations support World Computer Exchange’s effort to bridge the digital divide by distributing computers and tech support to schools, NGOS and technology access programs worldwide.

Bring your computers to a WCE Chapter near

Get a free shipping label for reusable laptops and cell phones.

Nationwide collection of large quantities of computers.

What kinds of donations you accept?

We only accept laptop computers, i Series or newer.

We also accept the following items:

  • Tablets and eReaders with chargers (please unlock & de-register)
  • Smart phones with chargers (please unlock & de-register)
  • Digital projectors
  • Webcams, digital cameras, and camcorders
  • Digital microscopes for school computer labs
  • RAM for laptops and desktops (minimum 2 gigs
  • Hard drives for laptops or desktops (above 320 gigs)
  • USB thumb drives and USB hub/multi ports

NO printers – they do not travel well.

How can I tell if my computer is i Series?

There is usually a small sticker under the laptop keyboard or on the bottom right of a desktop face that says “i3”, “i5”, or “i7.” 

If you are unsure, please contact your local WCE Chapter with the make and model.

What if my donation is not on this list?

Unfortunately, if your donation is older and not on this list, WCE cannot accept it. Even if you cannot find another home for it, please dispose of it properly rather than placing it in the trash.

Many municipalities now have computer recycling programs that recover valuable metals, keeping many toxic metals out of landfills. There is often a small charge for proper disposal. Contact your local recycling coordinator or Department of Public Works for more information on recycling e-waste.

Questions or concerns?

Contact us at