Board Agenda

111th Board Agenda

Tuesday, April 13
2:15-3:45 PM EST

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Mission: To reduce the digital divide for youth in developing countries; to use our global network of partnerships to enhance communities in these countries; and to promote the reuse of electronic equipment and its ultimate disposal in an environmentally responsible manner.

Future Meetings: Jun 8, Sep 14, Dec 14, Feb 8, Apr 12

1. Minutes Vote: (February) [2 minutes]

2. Ally/Partner Vote: (Haiti: John Paul II School) [3 minutes]

3. Key Performance Indicators Process Vote: (KPI Process) [30 minutes]

4. Fundraising: (Plan) (Development Officer TOR) [30 minutes]

5. Treasurer’s Report: short form March Financial Reports including Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Draft FY’22 Budget, FY’20 Audit, FY’20 Form 990 [15 minutes]

6. Work Plan FY’22: Services, Fundraising Plan, Development Officer TOR, Budget….. KPIs?] Anything more you want included for the June meeting to approve Work Plan? [5 minutes]

7. Any Other Business [5 minutes]:

FY’21 Shipping To-Date: 380: Cambodia (4), Cameroon (10), Colombia (4), Haiti (30), Kenya (208 PAID but not yet shipped), Puerto Rico (50 PAID but not yet shipped), Sierra Leone (74 PAID but not yet shipped), Zambia (1)