Board Agenda

114th Board Agenda

Tuesday, December 14
Noon-1:30 PM EST

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Mission: To reduce the digital divide for youth in developing countries; to use our global network of partnerships to enhance communities in these countries; and to promote the reuse of electronic equipment and its ultimate disposal in an environmentally responsible manner.

Future Meetings: Feb 8, Apr 12, Jun 14, Sep 13, Dec 13

1. Minutes Vote: (September) [5 minutes]

2. Partner Votes: Keta Senior High Technical School in Ghana (Plan), Asociacion Rio Bravo Casa Hogar in Mexico (Plan), Horizon in Guatemala (Plan) [5 minutes]

3. Treasurer’s Report: Profit & Loss Comparison, Balance Sheet Comparison, Cash Flow for next quarter YTD status updates will be posted before the Board meeting [15 minutes]

4. Shipping: Potential Shipments YTD status updates will be posted before the Board meeting [5 minutes]

Goal: 1,500: YTD Shipped: 802. Ethiopia (596), Ghana (52) (66), Madagascar (33), Mexico (50), Togo (5). In Process: 159. Honduras 50 PAID), Liberia (5 PAID), Puerto Rico (50 PAID), South Africa (5 PAID), Tanzania (32? PARTIALLY PAID), Zambia (17 PAID).

5. Services: YTD Services Update YTD status update will be posted before the Board meeting [10 minutes]

6. Fundraising: YTD Update of Fundraising Plan YTD status update and update on search for Development Manager will be posted before the Board meeting [15 minutes]

7. Key Performance Indicators: Peter Hellmonds, Ayesha Hassan, Manoj Kumar, and Lisa Dale [15 minutes]

8. Other Business:

A. Computer inventory and draft disposal plan, This document will be updated prior to the Board meeting. Does the Board want to set a goal for this? Lisa Dale [10 minutes]

B. Background: I made a disappointing and embarrassing mistake with the scam version of World Vision because we had accepted purchase orders from the real World Vision before and they had paid in a somewhat timely fashion as we met certain benchmarks and because I was overly eager to enter into a larger relationship with a large NGO. Inventory was reduced by this shipment – but no funds were lost as I had them arrange for the shipping so they paid those out-of-pocked expenses. Does Board want to set a new policy for this? Current Revenue Procedure: WCE secures full funding from all partners before shipping except in the case of WCE Field Associates and large NGOs that use purchase orders. In these cases, they are required to pay at least 1/3 up-front with clear written plan of how the balance is paid. Lisa Dale [10 minutes]