Board Agenda

112th Board Agenda

Tuesday, June 8
2:15-3:45 PM EST

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Mission: To reduce the digital divide for youth in developing countries; to use our global network of partnerships to enhance communities in these countries; and to promote the reuse of electronic equipment and its ultimate disposal in an environmentally responsible manner.

Future Meetings: Jun 8, Sep 14, Dec 14, Feb 8, Apr 12

1. Minutes Vote: (April) [2 minutes]

2. Partner Votes: (A) Between Board meetings, Technochem Charity in Ethiopia was approved by Hellmonds, Dale, Grant Lewis, Hassan, and Anderson. (B) Rwanda English Project (Implementation Plan) [3 minutes]

3. Key Performance Indicators: Manoj Kumar and Lisa Dale [30 minutes]

4. Treasurer’s Report: May Financial Reports (Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet) [10 minutes]

5. Work Plan FY’22 Vote: Objectives Page, Services, Fundraising Plan, Budget, Projections by Month, and annual Field Associate Letter of Appointment [30 minutes]

6. Other Business [15 minutes]:

FY’21 Shipping To-Date: 991: Cambodia (4), Cameroon (10), Colombia (4), Ethiopia (512 PACKED), Haiti (30) (21), Kenya (218), Liberia (1), Puerto Rico (50 PACKED), Rwanda (20), Sierra Leone (64), Zambia (1), World Vision (56)