headshot of Alexandra Higuera, smiling

We’re happy to feature our very own Alex Higuera, a dedicated member of our Board of Directors at World Computer Exchange (WCE). With a strong background in nonprofits and a deep understanding of EdTech, Alex brings valuable insights and contributions to WCE’s mission.

In addition to her role at WCE, Alex is a seasoned senior software engineer committed to using technology for community empowerment. Currently, she’s playing a key role building software infrastructure at the Digital Credentials Consortium Group at MIT, where she is shaping the future of education through verifiable academic credentials.

Before joining WCE, Alex had already made significant strides in the nonprofit sector as a director. Notably, she held a position on the board of another nonprofit, NeurotechX, where she works to bridge the gap between neurotechnologists and the public. This experience equipped her with a nuanced understanding of nonprofit operations and community engagement.

Since joining WCE in 2008 as a volunteer, Alex has been deeply committed to the cause. Her journey with the organization evolved over the years, culminating in her appointment to the Board of Directors in February 2023. She admires WCE’s multifaceted approach to tackling societal challenges, particularly in education improvement and e-waste reduction through computer refurbishment and donation, and it was this that initially drew her to WCE.

Alex’s responsibilities within WCE span a wide spectrum. From participating in refurbishing events and communications to spearheading tech initiatives, such as developing a mobile app in collaboration with a student group at BU, her contributions have been diverse and impactful. As a board member, she plays a pivotal role on our Fundraising Committee with fundraising initiatives and fostering relationships between WCE and external stakeholders, including companies and institutions.

When discussing strategies to enhance nonprofit engagement, Alex emphasizes the power of social media in spreading awareness and encouraging participation. As an organization, we have actively been working to increase our social media presence over the past several months. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have connected us with volunteers and donors. 

Throughout her journey with WCE, Alex has gained profound insights into pressing global issues like e-waste and the digital divide. She’s observed the surge in electronic consumption and the resultant increase in e-waste, prompting her to advocate for more sustainable practices. Additionally, she recognizes the transformative role of technology in bridging educational disparities, particularly in underserved communities. 

Reflecting on her journey with WCE, Alex fondly recalls the organization’s grassroots origins, where refurbishment events were fueled by the passion of student volunteers. They were held at Tim and Pam’s house in Hull, MA, fueled by the passion and dedication of volunteers. Alex described how students who were interested came and were taught how to refurbish these computers step by step. This intimate connection to WCE’s humble origins serves as a constant reminder of the organization’s profound impact and the importance of community-driven initiatives. 

Despite the achievements of WCE, Alex acknowledges the challenges it faces, particularly in fundraising and communication. Like many nonprofits, WCE relies on external support to sustain its operations and expand its reach. Alex emphasizes the importance of effectively communicating WCE’s mission and impact to a broader audience, thus garnering the support needed to propel the organization forward.

Alex’s journey with WCE has not only deepened her commitment to social impact but has also shaped his approach to problem-solving. Inspired by WCE’s ethos of efficiency and efficacy, she seeks innovative ways to address multifaceted challenges, both within the organization and beyond. Her advocacy for sustainable practices underscores her commitment to addressing global issues like e-waste and the digital divide, and her time with WCE has instilled in her a profound sense of purpose and a steadfast determination to effect positive change in the world.