Our Mission

Reduce the digital divide for youth in developing countries; use our global network of partnerships to enhance communities in these countries; promote the reuse of electronic equipment and its ultimate disposal in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our Services

Refurbished Computers

Chapter volunteers in the USA, Puerto Rico, and Kenya gather, refurbish, load content, and pack donated computers.

When ready, the computers are shipped to partner schools and community organizations in developing countries. So far, these computers have connected 3,600 classrooms for 5 million youth in 53 countries.

Educational Content

Our content volunteer team gathers, gets permission to use, and formats educational content and software in English, French, and Spanish to load into computers that our partner organizations can use when the Internet is unavailable or too expensive.

Our tech volunteers develops software to evaluate computers, wipe the hard drive, and load our latest package.

Inspire Girls Clubs

Our Inspire Girls volunteer team develops clubs in countries with WCE Field Associates to help girls build confidence in pursuing technology-based careers.

These clubs work in three areas: refurbishing, codings/games/apps, and advocacy.

Coding Bootcamps

Our Coding Bootcamp volunteer team gathers training software, recruits young participants and coding coaches, and provides certificates.

We currently offer this service in Puerto Rico and African countries with WCE Field Associates. We have also begun offering multi-country online family coding events in Africa with our strategic ally Family Code Night.

Refurbishing Clubs

We have established Refurbishing Clubs in schools and centers in the USA and Puerto Rico to help youth learn employable skills related to maintaining and maximizing the value of computers.

As a result of the pandemic, our volunteer team is now working to provide training videos and online coaches to help with employable skills transfer.

Digital Literacy

Based on needs identified due to the pandemic, our Digital Literacy volunteer team is researching a distance learning course for our Field Associates to offer to teachers. The products will includes videos and online coaching on the basic of implementing distance learning.

Ongoing Projects

Learn more about our current focuses around the world.

Puerto Rico

Our efforts help reestablish digital systems in Puerto Rico after all of their crises.

Africa Chapters

Through integrated efforts, we promote digital literacy in African communities.

Where We Ship

WCE collaborates with 945 partner organizations in 78 countries.