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Currently, WCE has 10 Chapters across the USA and Puerto Rico, which serve as the operational hubs for our refurbishing activities. Not only have these Chapters successfully collected and refurbished computers, they have also helped local youth develop technology and leadership skills.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, WCE has identified a need for resources to support distance learning in many countries in Africa. Therefore, we hope to quickly scale up our Africa Chapters project.


We hope these WCE Chapters in Africa will provide the following services:

  • Supply portable digital devices such as tablets and mobile phones to students
  • Provide technological training for teachers to transition into remote teaching
  • Establish distance learning facilities for youths
  • Develop high-value online ICT skills training for youth participants
  • Develop locally-curated digital educational content
  • Provide computer repair and maintenance services to local partners
  • Provide models for Inspire Girls clubs in refurbishing, video-production, and technology

What We Do

In Africa, Field Associates identify available computer donations from local businesses. Some seek involvement from local clubs and communities, while others explore the feasibility of moving government educational curriculum online. On the American side, WCE prepares shipments of refurbished computers to help bootstrap club activities. Chapters develop digital training for the WCE refurbishing methodology.

Learn more about our shipment to Madagascar.

Future Plans

The first batches of computers to be refurbished are planned to be sent in September to Kenya and October to Zambia to weeks to help provide the “seed” computers for our first Africa Chapters.


If you are interested in supporting the Africa Chapters project through a monetary donation, please make your donation below:


If you have any questions or concerns, please email AfricaChapters@WorldComputerExchange.org.