What We Do

What We Do

Our Mission

Reduce the digital divide for youth in developing countries; use our global network of partnerships to enhance communities in these countries; promote the reuse of electronic equipment and its ultimate disposal in an environmentally responsible manner.

Provide Educational Content

WCE volunteers find or create resources related to education, culture, agriculture, health, entrepreneurship, leadership, girls’ empowerment in STEM, computer refurbishing, technology, potable water, and solar energy.

This content, along with a copy of Wikipedia and Khan Academy videos, is preloaded into WCE’s computers in English, French, or Spanish before shipment to our partner organizations.

Refurbish Computers

Hundreds of volunteers in WCE Chapters in the USA, Puerto Rico, and now in Africa provide refurbished computers preloaded with our educational content pack that we ship to schools, libraries, and community centers in developing countries.

Through their efforts, WCE has connected 5 million youth in developing countries.

Provide Training

WCE volunteers provide long-term assistance and on-site training to build the leadership and organizational capacity of partner organizations in developing countries.

Training encompasses the following areas: technology planning, computer and network troubleshooting, fundraising, social media, educational use of the Internet, organizational development, e-waste solutions, and girl empowerment. 

Ongoing Projects

Learn more about our current focuses around the world.

Puerto Rico

Our efforts help reestablish digital systems in Puerto Rico after all of their crises.

Inspire Girls

Our global collaborations aim to help African teachers inspire girls to pursue careers in technology.

Youth Skills

We help youth develop tech & leadership skills with peers around the world.

Africa Chapters

Through integrated efforts, we promote digital literacy in African communities.

Where We Ship

WCE collaborates with 945 partner organizations in 78 countries.