Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Core Values

WCE is guided by these core values in all of its work.


We believe in the equal value and respect of every human being, as change happens through people.


We celebrate the ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity of our partners, members, and leadership.


We challenge ourselves to perform at the highest level, using collaborative effort to create impact.


We are accountable to all our stakeholders, sharing our stories and work transparently.

Where We Began

In 1999, Timothy Anderson was a student at Harvard University when he learned that 250 million computers in the US would become obsolete in the next decade. At the same time, he heard from foreign classmates that their homelands, especially schools, wanted to connect their youth to the Internet.

20 years later, the simple idea of repurposing used computers grew into a global movement to help close the digital divide in developing countries.

Where We Are Today

Over the last 20 years, WCE has grown from a single idea to a global organization. And we are not alone. Though we are headquartered in Boston, MA, we have built a logistics capacity and a network of 5,000 organizations in 78 developing countries. Together, we have connected millions of youth around the world to digital resources. However, we’re just getting started.

We are a collective of people around the world working to better the world.

Our members work in different roles that each serve integral functions in WCE. The following are some of the main roles in which our members work.


WCE’s 700 volunteers around the world are the backbone of our work. They perform a variety of functions including refurbishing computers and providing on-site technical training.

Development Officers

265 volunteer Development Officers around the world provide long-term online and on-site assistance to build the leadership and organizational capacity of our 940 Partners.


Our 11 part-time Field Associates represent WCE in 10 African countries. They coordinate programs abroad by recruiting teachers and providing services to local communities.

Global Strategic Allies

WCE has 25 Global Educational Strategic Allies. These organizations around the world help us coordinate our various projects abroad.


Have your say in our work and help us be there for youth without digital access. Join our community today!